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Welcome to the Sniply Extension
Now you can snip any page with the click of a button!

Here's how the extension works...

Snip from anywhere on the web

Once you install the extension, a Sniply button will appear in your browser bar. Click this browser button to snip the current page you're on. Whenever you come across an interesting article, just snip it with the click of a button!

Automatically snip the links you share

The extension detects whenever you paste a link and automatically snips it for you. For example, copy and pasting a link into Twitter will trigger auto-snip which automatically inserts your call-to-action into the link.

Integrate with Buffer, Hootsuite, and more

Sniply natively integrates with many social networks and marketing platforms. You'll see the Sniply button appear in many of the interfaces you're familiar with. We plug into Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, Buffer, and many more!