Use Sniply to Drive Conversion Through the Content You Share

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Use Sniply to Avoid Losing Opportunities for Conversion

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Whenever you find a great article...

You find great articles all the time, from Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch, etc. Instead of just sharing the article as it is, Sniply allows you to add a custom message to any website. Try it yourself—paste in a link

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Embed a custom message into the page

When sharing content, use Sniply to embed custom messages into the page itself. You can include a link back to your own website, Kickstarter campaign, Eventbrite page, Shopify cart, Amazon product, etc.

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Get click-throughs back to your own site

Instead of sharing the original link, you can share the Sniply link containing your personal message. Anyone who clicks on your link will see the original page with your call-to-action embedded inside.

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Josh Eboch

Senator Cornyn @TeamCornyn

The results are very encouraging, our Engagement Rates have more than Doubled.

Jon Buscall

Jontus Media @JonBuscall

This unique approach to link shortening gives you Ad Space on any website. For Free.

Alex Brown

Startup Canada @Startup_Canada

Sniply lets me utilize any page on the web for Content Marketing. It's pretty incredible.

Julian DeSchutter

Vancouver Board of Trade @BoardOfTrade

I can Continue to be Memorable as I send people in whatever direction I send them.

Danielle Smith

The Next 36 @Next36

No other tool out there allows you to Personify Your Brand as you share content so naturally.

Isaac Marsh

UNC Chapel Hill @UNC

It's subtle, Much More Effective Than AdSense, and actually looks really nice.